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Use Cases

Industry best practices and customer stories

We have collected a series of guidelines, best practices and use cases from our customers to help you optimize your emergency management and personal protection task. Learn from the experience of our customers and industry experts how to get the most out of the FlagMii®EML platform.

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FlagMii® for the police
forces: The City of
Ciampino (Italy)

Ciampino FlagMii EML

“The Territorial Police Force of the Municipality of Ciampino (Italy) pays a lot of attention on new technologies to protect citizenship. Here, the FlagMii EML platform supports the nowtice alert system and provides all the geolocation and support tools typical of Police and territorial control activities.”

The use of FlagMii®EML
for childbirth

Bologna - childbirth assistance

The 118 emergency service in Bologna is one of the many Italian Control Rooms using FlagMii EML in emergency calls response every day. Here, both the SMS based geolocation and the live video features provide a valuable support to the responders and really help save lives. This is the story of Patrick, a 2-year-old boy saved by suffocating thanks to the FlagMii®EML support.

Using FlagMii® EML
live video features
during choking rescue

Using FlagMii® EML live video features during choking rescue

“I informed the child’s mother that I was sending her an SMS including a link and that in this way I would be able to see firsthand and from the Control Room what was happening.”

Best practice: supporting Italian emergency number for deaf people


The FlagMii®EML mobile technology allows to establish an effective communication channel in all situations where the common emergency call is impossible, that is why it is used by the Italian emergency number (NUE 112) and is used to manage all calls coming from deaf citizens in Italy.

RAVHM FlagMii®
VIL system in
the Netherlands


Watch FlagMii® accurate location retrieval technology in action in the Netherlands (RAVHM FlagMii-VIL system). This video has been produced by the Regional Ambulance Service Hollands Midden to explain the benefits introduced by the system during ambulance rescue missions.

Best practice: connecting on-field patrols for Civil Protection

Civil protection

FlagMii® mobile link tools are fundamental in Civil Protection contexts because they allow the Operations Rooms to manage explorers, technicians, and volunteers all over the territory. In this industry overview we see the concrete use case in an operational scenario… coming soon

Best Practice: FlagMii®EML and the Next Generation 112

FlagMii EML and the Next Generation 112

The goal of the Next Generation 112 is to ensure that every citizen can access emergency services through the same communication tools that he uses every day for leisure and for work. FlagMii®EML anticipates the implementation of this goal, supporting all common smartphone tools.